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Sup-R Band® Latex-Free Exercise Band - Twin-Pak® - 100 yard - (2 - 50 yard boxes) - Green

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The Twin-Pak® has 100 yards of exercise band (2 x 50 yard rolls) and is the most cost effective way to outfit your facility. Sup-R Band® is made from a premium latex free formula and excels compared to other exercise band: our TPE latex free formula has similar use and strength characteristics to latex exercise bands; similar puncture resistance; similar tear and burst strength; requires similar force to stretch and contract; 5" width; has core for use with dispenser systems; made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE); color-coded  in Thera-Band® colors. Roll is packaged in a dispenser box. Unroll desired length of exercise band from dispenser box and cut with scissors. Twin-Pak® - 100 yard - (2 - 50 yard boxes) - Green.